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Aluminium Task Force

Chair: Australia
Co-Chair: United States of America

2008 Aluminium Task Force Attendees

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Asia-Pacific Partners account for 52 percent of the world's aluminium production. The aluminium industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, with rapid growth in developing countries.

The industry can make further improvements in environmental performance, while reducing costs, through best practice use of existing equipment (in particular perfluorocarbons (PFC) emissions management), increased uptake of best available and affordable technology (including improved instrumentation), the continued development and deployment of new technologies, and by increasing levels of recycling. Through the Partnership, countries can advance industries towards global PFC reduction objectives and address energy efficiency and other CO2 process emissions by promoting best practice performance, increasing technical support and identifying impediments to deployment of best available and affordable technology.


  • Enhance current aluminium production processes through uptake of best - practice use of existing equipment.
  • Advance the development and deployment of new best practice aluminium production process and technologies across Partnership economies.
  • Enhance sector-related data, including recycling and performance.
  • Facilitate increased aluminium recycling rates across the Partnership.